Our menu consists of both
Traditional American Mountain Menu as well as
Authentic Himalayan-Sherpa Cuisine of Tibet & Nepal.



Fountain/ Can Soda      $2.50

(Coke/ Diet Coke/ Sprite/ Lemonade/ Root Beer)

Bottled Water      $1.50

Hot Apple Cider      $3.00

Hot Chocolate      $3.00

Hot Tea (Herbal/Black/Green)      $2.00

Iced Tea      $2.00


Hot Coffee      $2.00

Sherpa Hot Chai Tea (Sweet/Unsweet)      $2.50

Milkshakes      $5.99

(Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Strawberry)

Homemade Mango Lassi     $4.99

Traditional yogurt and mango based beverage


$6.99/ Glass
$24.99/ Bottle
Daily Wine Special $5.99/ Glass


Washington Hills Merlot

Washington Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley Red Blend


Washington Hills Chardonnay

Washington Hills Riesling

Washington Hills Sauvignon Blanc

~craft beers~

(can beers)

$3.99/ Can

Daily Beer Special $2.99/ Can

Rainier Radler-16oz

Pacific Wonderland Lager-12oz

Wonderland Trail IPA-12oz


$4.99/ Pint Glass

$17.99/ Pitcher

Fremont IPA

Mack & Jack's African Amber Ale


$14.99/ Pitcher    $3.99/ Pint Glass

Georgetown Porter


(Fresh Homemade Blackberry Pie)

Slice:   $5.99      A la Mode:  $6.99

Whole Pie:      $34.99

(Fresh Homemade Huckleberry Pie)

Slice:      $6.99      A la Mode:  $7.99

Whole Pie:      $34.99

Ice Cream Cones      $2.99

(Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Strawberry)

Root Beer Float      $4.99

Ice Cream Cones      $2.99

(Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Strawberry)

Ice Cream Sundae      $5.99

(Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Strawberry)