~About Us~

Featuring a "Taste of Two World's"

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Wildberry Restaurant is a Sherpa family owned restaurant that has been operating in Ashford since 2009. It features a "Taste of Two Worlds", serving both traditional American Mountain Menu as well as authentic Sherpa-Himalayan food from Tibet & Nepal. Since Wildberry is located about a mile from the gateway to Mount Rainier National Park, the atmosphere here allows you to feed your soul and your appetite!

    Wildberry Restaurant offers:

  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor seating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Take-outs, Reservation, Gift shop
  • Vegetarian/ vegan/ gluten free options
  • Beers and wine
  • Our Famous Homemade Pie
  • Wheel Chair Accessible

Our selection of American Mountain Menu includes:
steaks, beef burgers, yak burgers, assorted sandwiches, soups, salads, seafood, fried chicken, homemade huckleberry/ blackberry pies, etc.

Our selection of Sherpa-Himalayan Menu includes:
chicken/garbanzo beans/ mushroom curry, samosas, Sherpa stew, lentil soup, momos (Sherpa style dumplings), traditional rice pudding, etc.